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After finishing high school and working for UPS for more than eight years, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. I got a job installing security systems and learned about residential and commercial security from the ground up. More importantly, I realized how rewarding it was to know that someone felt safe and secure after I did my job.

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There is no higher priority than the safety and security of your loved ones, valuables, home and business. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how Shore Security Solutions, Inc. can help you protect what matters most.

After a few years, I realized that I could do this on my own. I knew how to install, program and maintain security systems. I knew how to customize a solution to suit the specific needs of a family or company. I knew I could do better than the shoddy installations, cookie-cutter systems, and assembly line mentality of the big name security companies that offer “free” systems.


So I launched Shore Security Solutions, Inc. in 1998, and I haven’t looked back.


Today, my team and I continue to do things the right way, developing customized security solutions and focusing on one home or business at a time. We make sure your system does what you need it to do instead of handing

you a manual and walking away. Our customers always deal with the same technicians, who stay up to speed on the latest technology through continuing education.


The goal today is the same as it has always been – to help you protect what matters most. I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to do the same for you.


Arthur Riley, Jr.

Founder and Owner

Shore Security Solutions, Inc.

Division of Consumer Affairs

NJ BALIC # 34BA0007750

NJ FALIC # 34FA0006410

NJ Business License # 34F00016000

Department of Community Affairs Department of Fire Safety

Permit # P00632