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When you leave work, you turn on your home’s heat or air conditioning from your mobile phone so you arrive home to a comfortable temperature. You receive an alert with a video clip that shows you who rang your doorbell while you were out. Instead of giving the cleaning service a key, you remotely unlock the door when they arrive, and lock it when they leave.


If your teenage daughter is getting home late from a concert, she can turn on the front porch lights from her mobile phone. You left for vacation without activating your alarm system or turning off the air conditioning. No problem – just go to your mobile app.


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Control your home’s environment, technology and security from virtually any location and any device with a home automation system from Shore Security Solutions, Inc. Contact us to learn how home automation can make your life easier and help you protect what matters most.

We’ve come a long way from clapping hands to shut off the lights, haven’t we?


These are just a few examples of how a modern home automation system can make your life more convenient, comfortable and secure. By turning your home into a smart home, you can also use utilities and water more efficiently and reduce your monthly bills.