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You can go online or visit one of the big box stores and buy cheap video surveillance cameras. But off-the-shelf products don’t offer the quality or reliability of professional security technology, and those products won’t install themselves. When it comes right down to it, keeping your family or business safe is not a do-it-yourself project.


Shore Security Solutions, Inc. offers the latest in digital video surveillance equipment and software. Rather than recording choppy, grainy images on tape, our network video recorders and IP cameras


  • Remote monitoring

  • On-demand viewing

  • Programmable recording

  • Video archival options (minimum two weeks)

  • Cameras for various environments

  • Home automation integration

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The mere presence of video surveillance will make most criminals think twice about theft or vandalism. Video also lets you see what’s happening at home or work when you’re not there. Contact us for a free estimate on a modern video surveillance system.

store clear, high-quality video footage into a digital archive. We hardwire all equipment to maximize reliability and image quality.


In addition to providing security benefits, video surveillance can be used to monitor childcare, pet care, and elder care. Integrate video surveillance with a home automation system to monitor footage remotely and receive real-time text alerts with video clips of important events, whether they involve a child arriving home safely from school or an important package being delivered to your office.

If you have an old analog video surveillance system, we help you take full advantage of that investment by

gradually migrating to a modern, digital system instead of overhauling everything at once. For example, if you have 15 video cameras, we can upgrade a few cameras at a time.